POBEDA Goes West / European Tour 2018

25.04 St. Petersburg @ Fish Fabrique Nouvelle
26.04 Tallinn @ Anemon12
27.04 Riga @ Republika
28.04 Liepaja @ Fontaine Palace
29.04 Kaliningrad @ PingPonger
30.04 Poznan @ Amore del Tropico
01.05 Horazd'ovice @ Jirka's Place
02.05 Brno @ Bajkazyl
03.05 Katowice @ Drzwi Zwane Koniem
04.05 Warsaw @ Chmury
05.05 Minsk @ Local Bar

Math rock/melodic post-hardcore band from Moscow - POBEDA

Right under melodic guitar landscapes, shoegaze oriented bass lines, math rock backwards drums and peaks of post hardcore vocal madness-Pobeda construct snapshots of the thriving modern music scene epicentered in Moscow.

The band formed by three russians and one venezuelan who moved to Moscow 4 years ago, represents a piece of the modern melting pot that Moscow is becoming after the fall of the Soviet Union. The band is focused on the dispersion of a global idea that seeks to build musical compositions under the message that with our own actions we can change the world for the better as long as we hold ourselves accountable and well nourished as individual intellects.


КРАНЧ • 2022

Дата: 17.09.2022
Место: Aglomerat (Костомаровский пер. 3)

JOJO MAYER / NERVE (USA) в Санкт-Петербурге

Дата: 01.01.2023
Место: Opera (наб. Обводного канала 181)


Дата: 02.01.2023
Место: Aglomerat (Костомаровский пер. 3)