San Francisco is a city brimming with hidden talent just waiting to be discovered. Charlie Yin’s bedroom project Giraffage is one of these hidden gems. The music is impressive – lush and dreamy electronic landscapes are woven in with hip hop beats creating a symphony of blissful sounds that will put you in a dreamlike state. 

Over the course of a year, the electro prodigy released his Pretty Things EP and most recently the much buzzed about album, Comfort. According to The Find Magazine: “Comfort is a blissful blend of dreamy and ethereal fluttering sounds sprinkled with glitchy effects, quirky drums, and beautiful vocal samples. This is definitely some of the flyest damn music around. Listening to the album is akin to dancing on a cloud while drinking the magic fermented nectar of wood sprites.


CRYWANK (UK) в Санкт-Петербурге

Дата: 31.01.2020
Место: The Place (ул. Маршала Говорова 47)

CRYWANK (UK) в Москве

Дата: 01.02.2020
Место: Punk Fiction (Ольховская ул. 14)

SONIC DEATH — презентация нового альбома

Дата: 14.02.2020
Место: Шаги (Малая Семеновская ул. 5)


Дата: 15.04.2020
Место: Шаги (Малая Семеновская ул. 5)